It’s done. Done. DONE.

I said last time that my next post would probably be about finishing a complete first draft.  Guys. It’s done. Done. DONE!  I can officially say that I’ve written a novel from start to finish(ish).

Lord knows the hard part of editing is next but as of 12:31 a.m. on July 1, 2015, I have a completed draft of a real novel.

Like any respectable adult, to celebrate I ate leftover chinese food at one in the morning and danced around quietly with my dog so I didn’t wake anyone.  That’s what adults do, right?

I finally got to type “The End.”

And you know what? It felt pretty damn good.



I have approximately 4.5 million partial projects started or ideas for them bouncing around in my head. Tis the curse of a writer, I fear.  I’m really great at starting new things. Finishing them hasn’t always been my strongsuit.

Until now.

That loud scream of “YEESSSSS” you heard just now was definitely me.

I’m not quite done yet. I have probably 5000 words or so to go but I know where I’m going with it, have bits of dialogue all nailed down, and I’m going to finish. This week. By the end of the week, I will have written a book. Whaaaattt???

It’ll be the world’s crappiest first draft and will need a ton of work but it’ll be finished and it will be MINE.  The next post you see from me will hopefully be one about how great it feels to have actually followed through on a writing project from start to (sort of) finish.

There aren’t many people in my life that understand why this is a huge deal to me, so I come to you, readers and fellow writers. To the ones that understand getting lost in a book is the opportunity to get lost in a new life. To the ones that understand those scribbled half-thoughts on the bedstand, the ones that create conversations for imaginary people in our heads all the time.

I’m almost there and thankful for the ones that get it.




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