It’s Been a While

There will probably never come a time when I say/write “it’s been a while” when my angsty teenage inner self fails to pop up to say “Remember high school and how much you listend to that Staind song?!?” and then have the song stuck in my head for a minium of three days.  Such is life.

Since the last time I checked in, I moved to eastern Tennessee for a little over five months, hated it, and came back to Michigan. I should put something poetic here about roots and wings or the like.  The area wasn’t for me, the job market wasn’t for me, and the people weren’t for me.  Plus I missed my dog. But I gave it a shot so that counts for something I guess. Since I’ve been back in the Land of the Hand, I enrolled in some classes at the local college to keep busy between job hunting sessions. It feels good to feel like I’m doing something productive with my time, I guess, instead of wasting away.

I still haven’t finished my first book. I’ve been avoiding it like I’d avoid the bitchy girl from high school if I saw her at Target. I have done little to no writing. I’ve been bad. I realized last night that I think I’m putting it off because if I do finish it then I actually have to *do* something with it. Do I self publish? Do I go through the hell that is querying? Do I bury it out in the woods never to see the light of day again? There’s a certain fear of taking the next step once my manuscript is finished and revised. Putting myself out there has never been my strong suit. Maybe it’s time to break through some of these issues and push forward.

What about y’all? Any fear of finishing your current work-in-progress? Have you felt this way before?


4 responses to “It’s Been a While

  • rosewhitewater

    I have definitely felt this way before! I always came up with excuses like it’s not good enough. For some reason I thought because most of these works were done or started out when I was teenager they weren’t good enough and I needed to hone my inner author far more. Ignoring the fact that I had been published in the local paper, local literary magazines, and a few others with poems and short stories and had won a few poetry contests and national writing contests as well as a teenager and a middle schooler and high schooler at that!

    Here I am at age 28 and now I’m pumped about finishing all of my projects! What i’ve learned is don’t sell yourself short. Your story needs to be told and it needs you to believe in it! I’m looking forward to your progress and I’m happy to be here to bounce ideas with you if you’d like! You can do it!

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    • angelineroberts

      It sounds like you have lots of accolades under your belt from a young age! I’m at the point with one WIP when I’m just ready to get it over with already. I just need to kick myself in the butt to get it done. Thanks for the offer to bounce ideas of you! I’ll definitely keep that in mind going forward, especially when I get all wimpy about putting something out there for strangers to read.


  • ortegavincent

    I think a lot of writers feel the way you do. The most important part is to keep moving, keep going, and keep writing. My first complete novel I started in the early 90’s (1990) as an exercise but also as something that not only did I want to complete but needed to complete. I had several people tell me that it would make a great novel for the public, and after hemming and hawing I decided they were write. Even as we speak I’m working on the second working draft of what I hope will be my debut novel. I started that in 1993 or ’94. It took me thirteen years to finally complete it. And it took several years after that to decide it was good enough that I can revise and make it a marketable book for this industry (I hope).

    I guess what I’m trying to say that good ideas are always going to be good ideas. So review those concept and use the maturity and the skills you’ve gained to work on them, revise and get it done. Even just a rough draft, get it done and you can go back and make it better.

    In my blog my mantra is this, there is no such thing as good writing, only good re-writing. Good luck, I know you can do it.

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    • angelineroberts

      Your dedication is impressive. ‘Good ideas are always going to be good ideas’ is a great point to remember. I need to jot that down somewhere I can always look at it. Thanks for the encouragement!


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