An Introduction

I should probably put something here, right? New site, new adventures, new manuscripts, new friends. New, new, shiny and new! Stick around, won’t ya?


A Short Bio
Angeline Roberts was born and raised in metro Detroit, Michigan and will be hunting down new adventures in Knoxville starting this month. While she may be moving to the mountains to add some layers to her life story, her heart will always belong to Detroit (and New Orleans, where her soul breathes freely).

Her hobbies include making witty comments on social media, singing loudly when in the car by herself, consuming books as if they were oxygen, and livetweeting whatever show she’s watching. She’s also is in the habit of trading sleep time for reading time and only regrets it every now and again. In a perfect world, she’d have the conversational skills of Lorelai Gilmore, the body of Lauren Graham via Gilmore Girls and the ability to make obscure literary references like Rory Gilmore. Basically, she’d be a Gilmore Girl minus some of that emotional baggage. Alas, she is stuck in the real world where she formulates theories on Luke girls versus Christopher girls and how that says everything she needs to know about a person. For the record, she is a Luke girl.

Since making up people and conversations in her head made her feel like she probably escaped from a mental ward she has since blocked out, Angeline spends her free time – when not reading, wishing she lived in Stars Hollow or pretending to hit the road in a black ’67 Impala with a brooding plaid-wearing fella – writing original fiction and non-fiction alike. Friendly and outgoing when she’s not hangry, she loves hearing from people that have stopped by her little corner of the world. Say hi, would ya?


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